Who We Are

The New York Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies (NYCCAT) is a New York State Association comprised of members of the following groups:

  • National Association of Drama Therapy (NADT)
  • American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)
  • New York State Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association (NYS/ADTA)
  • National Association for Poetry Therapy (NAPT)
  • New York Art Therapy Association (NYATA)
  • Westchester Art Therapy Association (WATA)

NYCCAT's 8th Annual Conference

will be held on Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd, 2006.

This year's conference is entitled "Who Are We Now? Creative Arts Therapies Licensure and Beyond". To learn more about the conference, click HERE.

To download a brochure containing information about the conference as well as a registration page, click HERE.

Our Mission

NYCCAT's mission is to maintain high standards of professional competence among creative arts therapists by promoting education, training, and enrichment opportunities. NYCCAT engages in ongoing legislative efforts related to professional licensure, regulations, and practices. We also strive to unify the dynamic network of creative arts therapists in our community, as well as to increase the general public’s awareness of creative arts therapies.

To join the NYCCAT listserve, click HERE to go to the Yahoo! groups page. In the open field type in "NYCCAT" and follow the instructions.

You can also learn more at Beltone Clovis http://hearingaidscentralvalley.com/clovis/

Our Board

Chriss Berk, MA, ATR-BC, LPC, LCAT Chair, Listserve Coordinator
Christa Kirby, MA, RDT, LCAT Website Moderator, Drama Therapy Representative
Rachel Brandoff, MA Recording Secretary, Art Therapy Representative
Jason D. Butler, MA, RDT, LCAT Drama Therapy Representative
John Carpente, MA, CMT, NRMT Music Therapy Representative
Tara Christ, MA, DTR Dance/Movement Therapy Representative
Jennifer Frank, MS, DTR, LCAT Public Relations Chair, Dance/Movement Therapy Representative
Renee Victoria Gibson, M.Ed., CAGS Art Therapy Representative
Lora Heller, MS, MT-BC, LCAT Music Therapy Representative, Website Email Moderator
Alan Pottinger, BFA, MA, RDT Treasurer, Archivist, Drama Therapy Representative
Natalie Schrape, MS, ATR Vice-President, Art Therapy Representative
Debbie Stone, MS, ADTR Dance/Movement Therapy Representative
Yoko Tajimi, MA, MT-BC, LCAT Music Therapy Representative, Membership Chair
Linda Turner MPS, ATR Program and Volunteer Chair
Joan Wittig, MS, ADTR, LCAT Liaison to the Joint Council for Mental Health Services, Legislative Coalition

For more information about NYCCAT, please contact us.

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